Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Maverick's Fundraising Woes

John McCain is holding several fundraisers going into the Florida primary. The Straight talker doesn't have enough money to compete with Mitt Romney. According to Open Secrets: McCain has $3,488,628 on hand. Romney has $9,216,517.

McCain needs to take time off the campaign trail and fundraise. I fail to see how McCain can more more television ads than Romney.

“We’re going to be able to fully fund a Florida campaign with a multi-million dollar television advertising buy,” said a McCain adviser.

Perhaps by borrowing more money. McCain has already accumulated $1,730,691 in debt. McCain's campaign may accept public matching funds. If the Maverick does that he is toast. The McCain campaign told The Hill they won't accept matching funds if there is a shot at the nomination. Then why leave the option open?

If I'm a Republican, I would worry about McCain getting the nomination. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama can out fundraise the daylight out of McCain. The GOP establishment and Christian fundamentalists can't stand McCain. Many will get onboard for a McCain nomination. They wouldn't have the same enthusiasm for say Jeb Bush.

Update: Public Policy Polling has Romney ahead of McCain by 3 percent.

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