Wednesday, January 23, 2008

DNC To Florida Democrats: Piss Off

The Democratic National Committee told Florida Democrats they can not release candidates from the no campaign pledge, since Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina made the candidate sing the pledge. That is a correct reading from the DNC's part. Alex Sink, Ted Deutch and Dan Gelber made a valient attempt to end the boycott.

Florida's Democratic leadership needs to convince the early states to release Clinton, Obama and Edwards. (Gravel and Kucinich do not matter.) There are only six days left until the primary. The Florida Democratic Party and Bill Nelson's blame game and refusal to compromise pissed off national Democrats. The Sunshine State's Democrats are now resorting to begging. Great strategy, gang.

The pathetic part is Nelson and state Democrats won't admit that they fucked up. Despite repeated warnings from Howard Dean and the early states, Democrats voting to move up the primary, then blame Republicans for this madness. The reason the Democrats are the Florida minority is because of a lack of political courageousness.

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