Thursday, September 20, 2007

UF Taser Incident Update

University of Florida journalism student Adrew Meyer has been offered a job by Greg Palast. Meyer was tasered by police officers after he refused to yield the microphone at a John Kerry speaking engagement. Meyer was already pinned by several officers when he was tasered. Palast has not been able to make the offer to Meyer personally.

"His attorneys seem to be keeping him on ice," Palast told us, when we asked if he'd been able to officially offer the gig to Meyer.

In related news: two UF police officers have been put on paid leave.

What bugs me is that Meyer had a cameraman present to film the incident.

He then turned to a woman and said "Are you taping this? Do you have this? You ready?" the report said.

Meyer has a personal website where he brags about taunting professional athletes.

Now, you have to know this about me: I am huge Marlins fan, and a born heckler. My purpose in life is to badger, jeer, and cajole professional athletes. I have angered two other All-Star baseball players, Bobby Abreu and Odalis Perez, on separate occasions. I have booed singers that mess up the national anthem. Heck, I’ll even heckle other hecklers if I don’t care for their stuff. What happened during this particular game was destined to be, the paths of Griffey and I on a collision course.

My view is the use of force was questionable and this guy is a crackpot. Free speech is a right we all have. I'm willing to defend Meyer's. Even though is wasn't willing to let Kerry answer his questions or let others speak at the microphone. If Palast hires Meyer, he will regret it.

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At September 20, 2007 10:07 PM , Blogger tiny... said...

He definitely showed up for his 15 minutes.
Clean hands? Not on either side.

At September 20, 2007 10:07 PM , Blogger tiny... said...

congrats on your award.

At September 23, 2007 12:31 PM , Blogger tas said...

Being at a large school now, I get to read the college columnists everyday if I want to.. But I tried once, and quickly learned that it was a waste of my time. So, when surfing to Meyer's page and seeiing him brag about his journalistic prowess, I wasn't surprised to fiind out he's a shitty writer after attemping to read one of his columns.

Palast should offer me a job, instead. I've got his cell phone number somewhere, maybe I should call him up and bug him...

As for Meyer having a friend tape him ask a question, that's what happens when you're full of yourself and live in the YouTube age. Personally, I wish I had the balls to ask a friend to tape me doing karaoke and put it on YouTube because I'm sure that would spread like wildfire.


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