Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Wall Street Journal's Handling of Karl Rove Story

Isn't it interesting that the Wall Street Journal's editorial page scooped the DC division on the Karl Rove resignation story. It also is interesting that Rove called Paul Gigot and the WSJ ran the scoop on the editioral page. The WSJ editorial board has been one of Rove's biggest supporters.

Gigot was interviewed for the WSJ internet edition and swears that Rove's resignation has nothing to do with the US Attorneys scandal. Here is a sample of Gigot's hard-hitting muckraking.

Mr. Rove doesn't say, though others do, that this timing also allows him to leave on his own terms. He has survived a probe by a remorseless special counsel, and lately a subpoena barrage from Democrats for whom he is the great white whale. He shows notable forbearance in declining to comment on prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, who dragged him through five grand jury appearances. He won't even disclose his legal bills, except to quip that "every one has been paid" and that "it was worth every penny."

Rove should have showed the same forbearance in not uttering Valerie Plame's name to the media. Bush should have kept his word and fired Rove the moment it became clear he leaked Plame's identity. Gigot's commentary isn't journalism. It is spin. He isn't entitled to his own facts. He he either too stupid to understand the law or doesn't care.

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At August 16, 2007 7:15 PM , Blogger Shimmy said...

Karl Rove, thou elvish-marked, abortive, rooting hog!


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