Monday, April 02, 2007

The Bernard Kerik Saga Continues

Following the Bernard Kerik story is the cinematic equivalent of being strapped into a chair and being forced to watch Ishtar repeatedly. How can one man be such a political car wreak.

Kerik was a law enforcement officer who dated he very married Linda George. Both George and her husband Marcello Ferreira were indicted (and later New York City Gambling Commission) of being part $26 million-a-year gambling ring run by the mafia. The irony is Rudolph Giuliani appointed Kerik to run the New York City Gambling Commission.

Remember when Kerik investigated himself to find out that his nanny was an illegal immigrant.

"I uncovered information that now leads me to question the immigration status of a person who had been in my employ as a housekeeper and nanny. It has also been brought to my attention that for a period of time during such employment required tax payments and related filings had not been made," he said.

The fact Kerik was paying his nanny under-the-table should of been a hint she wasn't a U.S. citizen. The fact that Kerik didn't do a background check on his nanny isn't surprising. He didn't bother with pesky background checks when he was training the Iraqi police force.

Kerik hired Iraqi policemen without background checks who later turned out to be hardened criminals. He re-hired policeman formerly employed by Saddam Hussein and bragged of training 37,000 new officers.

Just last year Kerik pled guilty to two ethics violations and ordered to pay $221,000. Bernie is in trouble again.

During a recent meeting, federal prosecutors told Kerik's attorneys that they are preparing to charge Kerik with filing false information to the government when Bush nominated him to the Cabinet, according to the legal sources.

Prosecutors are also prepared to charge Kerik with violating federal tax laws, alleging that he did not declare on his tax returns gifts he received while serving as New York's corrections commissioner, including costly renovations to an apartment he had bought, the sources said. The FBI is investigating loans Kerik received while he was in private business with Giuliani, the sources said, as well as information Kerik had omitted from a mortgage application.

Kerik turned down last month an offer to plead guilty to federal charges that would have required him to serve prison time. His attorney, Kenneth Breen, said in an interview that his client had done nothing wrong.

We are bound the hear Giuliani say that he wasn't close to Kerik. That is laughable since they both were involved in Giuliani-Kerik LLC. Giuliani testified that he was briefed of Kerik's dealings with Interstate Industrial Corporation. The company is the reason Kerik pleaded guilty last year. IIC did free renovations on Kerik's apartment.

The only conclusion I can come to is that Kerik is so stupid that he never learns his lesson. Like a CD that keeps skipping; he is locked into to a frame of mind that causes him to repeat the same mistakes.

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