Sunday, December 31, 2006

:: Naked Brunch: The Champagne Coma Edition :: for hummers . . . really!

You won't know if you are right until you're dead: The Blasphemy Challenge

"We were blown away ... But we certainly won't be naming any of the hatchlings Jesus."

Chester Zoo reptile expert Kevin Buley, on news that Flora, a Komodo dragon in the English zoo, was pregnant despite being a virgin. Reptiles can reproduce asexually, though it is extremely rare in this species.

Over at Norwegianity, Mark pays tribute and/or speed slaps to many across the blogosphere.

Billmon's Whiskey Bar, a blog I have considered quite good and useful for several years posted this last night: "That's All Folks!"

Blog Meridian: A stretch of river XXIX: Scruffy's past - that is one damned cute dog.

Unscrewing the Inscrutable: On Atheism and how we create meaning in the here and now.

And, Ron Beasley of Middle Earth Journal on dealing with his Christian family during the holidaze. I empathize Ron, I surely do - we could have traded families and had the same thing happen. That, and all the hand holding prayer business before a meal. Me, I thank all the farm workers , manufacturers and the preparer of said meal. I'm more likely to say: Mom is good, mom is great, let us thank her for this food.......hallelujah, dig in! And, even more significantly, I haven't had to enter a church since I worked the 2004 election and that was where the polling place was that I ran. That didn't turn out so good.

Man Sleeping, 1649, David Ryckaert (1612-1661)

Rip Overslept (hmmmmm .... sounds like a good way to spend a Zen Sunday Brunch)

Thoughts of an Average Woman: Good advice on making New Years' Resolutions that you can actually keep.

The Revolution will be Televised: I can't believe I have neglected to follow-up on how Josh Wolf is faring. Damned government still has him in prison.

Upcoming press conference on January 22 on the steps of San Francisco City Hall. Time and details to follow.

Please sign the coalition statement to get Josh out of jail. Contact

And, in a message from his Mom, Liz, she requests people write to Josh in support:

His address is: Joshua Wolf, 98005-111, Federal Detention Center, Unit J2, 5675 8th St., Dublin, CA 94568.

Please remember that all mail going in and out is read by guards.

Letter coming up Liz.

Tannishblog: Friday Night Zen #20 On Buddha and the teachings of inherent goodness. Tannishblog also has the coolest and most surreal banner of any site on the internets!

Sorry, but, I can not stomach, one way or the other, posting anything about executions........ of Saddam Hussein or anyone else. Not even a link. Find it elsewhere. The photograph says it all - so many for so little.

Gloom & Doom Predicted for 2007 by Americans in a new AP poll. Sheesh.

Hey, does anyone know where P! - ddjango has been? And, how about Florida's answer to good music, Mars Needs Guitars?

Mixter's Mix on recollections preceeding 2007.

Marked Hossier: Inhaling Alcohol? What the hell for? You don't get drunk enough by consuming in in the normal fashion?

Jesus' General: Conformity is Freedom according to the conservatives.

Digby: Texas Stupid is absolutely correct. What a fuckin' moron. (I really hate living in this state, it's such an embarrassment.)

Gaping Void: The "Nobody Cares" Manifesto

A Happy New Year to you all as well at Balloon Juice.

Brilliant at Breakfast has a video up of Equilibrium ... Lesson: "Violence Solves Everything"

The ever insightful and amazingly literate Chris Floyd:

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