Thursday, December 28, 2006

Goodbye Scott 'Smoky' Harrell

I wish Scott Harrell a fond farewell from Creative Loafing. And thank you for the publicity.

Side note: Tommy Duncan slammed Harrell for writing about his band. I can't actually recall Harrell ever mentioning Nessie at CR. I do recall Tommy writing about the 80s cover band he performs at every opportunity. Before I knew he sang back-up vocals, I used to wonder what Tommy's bizarre Johnny G Lyon Band obsession was. No one cared about that band back in the late eighties. (That was when they played all originals.) I remember Paul Wood of the Woodies telling me he liked Johnny, but thought his music was really lame. Then I realized that Tommy sang in the band. What's interesting is how the Stickheads will talk about JGLB, in the comments section and posts, like they are the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Nirvana and Velvet Underground all rolled up in one. I have seen pre-Tommy JGLB twice and quickly left. The only local band I seen that was worse was Pictures of Reason.

For Tommy to diss another musician for plugging his band too much is seriously fucking lame. His blog serves as a news outlet for one of the least interesting bands in Tampa music history. He should stick with the media steals all their stories from him meme. At least that provides great fantasy-based comedy. The Sticksheads actually think Adam Smith and William March anxiously await what Tommy has to say about the Strawberry festival. That's funny.


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