Sunday, December 24, 2006

:: Naked Brunch: Jazz Guitar, French Toast & Gingerbread Coffee ::

Nothing like a dose of Fiorinal and 10 solid hours of sleep to rejuvenate a person....except the headache, although muted, is still hanging on.... damnit to hell. Which makes it difficult to read and intensifies the headache. Such is life.

So, you haven't finished your holiday shopping yet? Well......Salon has the answers, and damnit, Iwish I would have found this earlier.... The Salon 2006 Gift Guide. Click on each person type for some humor and interesting ideas. I want those Maibou thigh highs please. These folks even have some nifty naughty Santas' elf outfits...

Wooing your Santa into an alternative "X"mas Eve: Santa Baby

+ Eartha Kitt (1953) ABOUT

While you are at Salon, and if you are sick to death of holiday cheeriness (yes!), check out Heather Havrilesky's It's not a wonderful life:

Tired of chirpy carols and stale sugar cookies and your whole annoying family? Here's a delectably dark holiday TV viewing guide -- an antidote for anyone burned out on holiday cheer.

Gotta Love It: Too Scared to Retire

The Republicans' stinging losses last month could be magnified in 2008 if veteran GOP Senate and House members decide to retire, including numerous lawmakers who will be 70 or older on that Election Day.

An editorial on the District of Columbia: Quasi-Freedom Agenda, For President Bush, democracy doesn't begin at home. So, it didn't for many other presidents in this instance. Unfortunately, I wish this editorial have reviewed all instances where Democracy is no longer such in the U.S. due to the Bush agenda. Then, this editorial would of had some teeth.

Lots of memes floating around this time of year. Thanks to those of you that chose to answer my tag on the Book Meme this past week and a gentle reminder to those who haven't: Blog Meridian, The Zen Cabin and Acephalous

Balloon Juice: John says to drop all the charges against the LaCrosee players, not just the rape charges. Personally, I have no clue what these guys did or did not do.

Rob Pavaronian of Dr. Demento: Pachelbel's Canon in D Rant

Cool: iPod for Book Worms

What Bushit!: "The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized regulations today that relax the reporting requirements for manufacturing plants and other industrial facilities that use toxic chemicals."

Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club of France: with St├ęphane Grappelli the infamous Jazz Violinist (check out Djangos two fingered chording --- his other fingers are paralyzed)

The most beautiful instrumental rendering of a Marvin Gaye tune:"I heard it through the grapevine" by Antonio Forcione

Hailed as the 'Jimi Hendrix of the acoustic guitar', award-winning Forcione is considered one of the most charismatic and inventive performers to come out of Europe in recent years. He breaks the mould of most conventional, popular guitar sounds be it in the field of jazz, Spanish, African, Brazilian or improvised music. International tours have brought high critical acclaim from as far as Australia and Hong Kong to Russia, the Caribbean, USA and all over Europe.

His 14 albums have variously hit the top of UK and international jazz charts and he has shared the stage worldwide with some of the world's most accomplished musicians (see below), double-billing with artists such as John McLaughlin, John Schoffield and Leo Kotke.

Born in Italy in a small village along the Adriatic coast, Antonio first drew public attention at 13 when he toured with his own band throughout Italy as a guitarist, mandolinist and drummer. He got a diploma in art and sculpture from the Art Institute in Ancona, and studied music in Rome (as well as mime) before moving to London in 1983 in search of greater inspiration.

"A performer of world class status ... forceful and with an enviable technique, he takes the guitar to new levels of expression combining its melodic powers with dramatic percussive effects. Forcione boldly goes where no guitarist has gone before and the results are quite spectacular ... miss him at your peril". THE STAGE

Unable to speak English, he initially resorted to busking in the streets of London's Covent Garden, and within 2 months he had won an award which led to a BBC television appearance before being whisked off to open for the pop group Barclay James Harvest on a major European tour for over a total of 300,000, people culminating in a concert at Wembley Arena. He never looked back.

He has performed in festivals and theatres from as far as Australia and Indonesia to the USA, Canada, Caribbean, Turkey, Lebanon and all over Europe, especially in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the UK. His festival appearances include Womad, Glastonbury, Edinburgh, Melbourne, Koln, Verona, Granada, Hong Kong Arts Festival, Singapore Arts Festival and the Machoire d'Or in Montreux amongst others, as well as most major International Guitar festivals.

"Forcione plays unstringed parts of the guitar other players can't hope to reach" (The Independent)

Antonio's constantly innovative approach to life have also led him to explore the realm of music comedy performance resulting in invitations to perform at comedy festivals throughout the world. He has performed with other comedians such as Boothby Graffoe, Django Edwards, Stephen Frost, Tanderika and Ursus & Nadeschkin, acted as musical director and performer for the award winning trio Ole, and formed the duo 'Acoustik Maniaks' with guitarist Neil Stacey, as well as appearing in variety shows as a Solo comedy artist.

In 2001 he won the 'Best Spirit of the Fringe Award' at the Edinburgh Festival with a resulting tour of Australia, doing both straight music and music-comedy. "After 100 years of guitar playing is there anything left to do? Forcione proves that there is. Not content to be just a guitar genius, he injects his playing with physical comedy of unparalleled ferocity. This renowned musical performer has changed the way we look at the humble acoustic guitar". (Three weeks)

Artistic, intense, and formidably inventive, Antonio is a performer of genuine distinction. Ever unpredictable, his is a celebration of the unexpected elements in life, a music of rare delicacy, humour and, not least, passion.

Waltz for Django

Antonio Forcione 'Acoustic Revenge' (

I became a bit distracted by the back to the roundup....

Speaking of music, Gaping Void recommends Sufjan Stevens 'Illinoise' .... "Cat Stevens meets William Blake. Amazing. Genius." Bonus: Pic of Hugh in Paris looking thoughful and yummy.

Brilliant at Breakfast:> So what did the Crawford Corleones do, put horse's heads in their beds?

You have to wonder what kind of dossiers the Bush Administration has on every military leader in this country, that they all eventually back down and adopt policies they know are insane.

Hullabaloo: Ye Olde Dysfunctional Family Xmas

Jesus' General: Republican Jesus loves the little children

Marked Hossier: "Get To Know Me Better" Meme

The Wege provides the Santa Decathalon: Bad Santa's bad-ass bad end

Later. Things to do........

BTW: French Toast, Gingerbread Coffee, and that's all folks.

BTW2: A hope for us all --- peace, love and understanding.

Best wishes and joyful holidaze.


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