Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Things Get Interesting In District 13 Recount

The vote testing in Sarasota County has become a nightmare. The Herald Tribune reports all four tested machines had miscounts. Three of them miscounted the Jennings-Buchanan race.

What's even more interesting is that Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections Kathy Dent was over 100 miles away from the testing. Is it me or shouldn't the Supervisor of Elections be present for voter machine testing. It's the kind of thing that instills confidence to the constituents.

Things get more interesting. Blogger Jeannie Dean reports that Dent was in Orlando meeting with "ES&S's spokespeople, lawyers and other Florida Local Board Election Officials--wonder what they're spinning!" Now that's an even more interesting question.

There is serious spinning going on.

"It's going to be human error when we go back to look at it, that's what we expect," said Jenny Nash, spokeswoman for the Florida Secretary of State's office, which conducted the mock election as part of an audit of the county's voting system.

I doubt they "expected" the machine counts to be off. That's like saying the captain of the Titanic telling passengers that the lower decks are suppose to be wet.


At November 29, 2006 9:40 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Voting machines don't work in Florida? What's new?

he he he ;)


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