Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wesley Clark Forms Exploratory Committee

Here is some good news for Democrats. The Associated Press reports Wesley Clark is launching exploratory committee for a possible 2008 presidential campaign. Clark is a Rhodes scholar. He graduated first in his 1966 West Point class. He's an extremely intelligent man. Something that can be said about the current President who utters nonsense like "food on your family." I'm a biased fan of Clark's. His moral character is something all American should strive for.

During the negotiation process, in 1995, Holbrooke and Clark's diplomatic convoy was ambushed on a road by landmines and small arms fire, after Milosevic refused them safe passage. One of their jeeps crashed down a ravine. Amid enemy gunfire, Clark, then a fifty-year-old Lieutenant General, rappelled down the ravine to search for survivors. He stayed with the burning jeep until help arrived, saving the wedding band of one dead soldier which he personally returned to the fallen man's widow.

Clark also won a Bronze and Silver star for service in Vietnam. I'm sure he would be Swiftboated if he received the nomination. I have no doubt that the Democratic Party would launch a counter offensive and hold the media accountable.

Even if Clark doesn't receive the nomination. His candidacy would make him a frontrunner for Sec of Defense or National Security Advisor. His intelligence, miltiary and diplomatic experience makes him more than qualified for either position. Unlike Rumsfeld, Clark actually ran a successful military campaign with the Kosovo war.


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