Saturday, October 28, 2006

St. Petersburg Times Poll

The new St. Petersburg Times poll has some good news for Florida Democrats. Democrats Walter “Skip” Campbell and Alex Sink are enjoying leads in the CFO and Attorney General races. The poll had a margin of error is 3.5 percent.

Chief Financial Officer

Alex Sink (D) - 41 percent
Tom Lee (R) - 35 percent

Attorney General

Walter "Skip" Campbell (D) - 41 percent
Bill McCollum (R) - 36 percent

There have been earlier indications that Lee was in trouble. Sink has been a better fundraiser in the later stages of the campaign. Lee doing so pooorly has been the biggest surprise to me.

Senate Race

Bill Nelson (D) - 56 percent
Katherine Harris (R) - 30 percent

And the bad news.

Charlie Crist (R) - 48 percent
Jim Davis (D) - 42 percent

I try not to read too much into polls. With the exception of the Senate race (and maybe the Governor's), all other races are still in play. What leading in the polls can do is give a candidate momentum. Bill Nelson has been ahead for so long that people just assume he will win. That factor helps Crist. The other races are smaller and voters don't know the candidates as well. These races come down to how voters feel about Republicans and get-out-the-vote activism.


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