Sunday, September 24, 2006

Alex Sink Update

Good news for Alex Sink.

Alex Sink, the Democratic candidate for chief financial officer, just had another impressive fund-raising spurt. In the first full week after the Sept. 5 primary, she raised $187,896, scoring $500 checks from 225 contributors. Sink donors include former U.S. Sen. Bob Graham, assorted labor unions, and the Hamilton Forman-Austin Forman real estate empire in Fort Lauderdale.

Sink's opponent, Tom Lee, only raised $13,985 during the same period. That is surprising. Considering, Lee has more name recognition in a Republican-leaning state. I like to know what the inside baseball stuff going on here is. Apparently, interest groups decided Sink was the horse to back. Lee isn't completely out of the race. $3,054,183 can buy ad plenty of ad time. Sink has raised a total of $2,420,651.

Lee's supporter may have already given all they could under the campaign finance law. Individual contributions are limited to $500 per-canidate during an election cycle. There are people who find interesting ways to get around the law.

Update: In The Buzz comments, Campaign Manager is wondering what is wrong with Lee's fundraising.

That is a very sad result for Lee. He has about $150,000 cash on hand and Sink has about the same. Which is good for Lee - sort of. It also means that Lee had a chance to take a solid lead in the cash on hand race and blew it with his anemic numbers.

Does anyone know why his numbers were so bad or what is going wrong with his campaign (and let's be honest - only 13k raised means there is something wrong, same as with Davis).

It would be nice if someone from the Lee campaign would leak something as an amonymous source It would also be nice if that leak happened to get emailed to me.


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