Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mark Foley's Movie Debut

Mark Foley had a cameo role as a Republican congressman in the movie The Librarians. The film is also known as Strike Force. It's one of those movies that goes straight to video and late nite cable.

Foley hires William Forsythe to rescue his daughter. Burt Reynolds and the once super hot Erika Eleniak are part of the cheesy action mayhem. Maf54 plays Republican Congressman Fairchild. This is Foley's big scene.

FOLEY: [Eyes clenched] "Oh, I missed you too, baby."
GIRL: "There were a lot of bad men."
FOLEY: "I know, baby, but it's all over now [deep sigh]. God, I love you."
GIRL: "I love you too, Daddy."

Actor Jerry Ascione worked on the flick. He explains on the Internet Movie Database message board just how bad the film was. I'm fairly sure it's Jerry Ascione because who would actually pretend to be him or take credit for being in this movie. Think about it.

I am sorry to say, I was a part of this movie playing a Techno Boy. We filmed this in Feb. 2000. All was shot in Florida, our scenes were shot in West Palm Beach. The production company is called Global Pictures One. They are the most unorganized low budget company out there. There was money problems and union problems from the start, it is a miracle this film even got released. Lions Gate is getting pretty desperate. The acting was almost as bad as the script. Mike Kirton, a B film stunt man tried to make a movie with William Forsythe, and you see the product. Rumors were that it was shot on a 1 to 2 million dollar budget. The only good part was that it was shot on 35mm. The film was released on a different title (probably because of selling problems) "Strike Force" on Nov. 9th, 2004. For the ridiculous price of $15.99 you can get it at Best Buy. Don't rush to get it, there will be plenty of copies when you get there. I am ashamed to admit I own a copy.
Jerry Ascione

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At November 01, 2006 3:43 PM , Blogger Reel Fanatic said...

Fascinating ... The words "Mark Foley" and "late-night cable film" could turn out to be so many things, so I guess simply a bad movie wouldn't be the worst of them

At November 02, 2006 1:33 AM , Blogger Ron Brynaert said...

Trailer (park) link


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