Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Why Florida Bloggers Haven't Covered the Ralph Arza Story

I have been informed that this blog was mentioned on the Al Franken Show by Lawrence O'Donnell. My post on Ralph Arza Hate Message to Gus Barreiro has been linked on the show's blog.

In rated news: Arza is fighting calls for his resignation. The Florida House Select Committee will hold hearings tomorrow. Democrats will walk out if Arza doesn't resign. Jeb Bush wants Azra to step down. Short answer: no one is in Arza's corner.

Someone mentioned to me why more bloggers didn't write about the Arza story. The answer is Florida is filled with a lot of shitty bloggers riding the progressive blogger bandwagon. How dare I saw Out In Leftfield is not a good blog? Kate Hudson's love life is so much more important than the Ralph Arza story. Sticks of Fire will take exceeption if I say they don't cover politics. And openly talk about our offline emails and hold me to the off-the-record promise. Sticks will spend post after post discussing lesbian cheerleaders and strippers. Examples like that is why bloggers haven't covered the Ralph Arza story.

I found out about the story from Mark Lane's blog. So he deserves much credit for bringing this story forward.


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