Friday, October 13, 2006

Buddy Johnson Is Busy

Hillsborough Elections Supervisor Buddy Johnson told Taking Back Hillsborough that he was too busy to review their petition. He did not return their phone calls or letters. What kept Johnson's time preoccupied was selling 22,500 shares of Star Buffet stock for a profit of $64,032.

Johnson did have a 27-year-old clerical worker, with no college education, to review every petition by herself. It turns out the count was screwed up badly. Petitions were lost and valid signatures were not recognized.

There is also the matter of Johnson hiring the law firm of Broad & Cassel. The firm is well known for donating to the campaigns of Republicans. Johnson is a Republican and GOP members of the Hillsborough County Commission have been firmly against the county mayor petition.

There is also the issue of County Commission candidate Al Higginbotham's company building Johnson's home. Higginbotham has worked on a Johnson campaign.

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