Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Winning In Connecticut

Chalk this up in not surprising. Joe Lieberman is having Jack Kemp campaign for him. What surprises me is that the Republicans have 3 House seats that are vulnerable in Connecticut and the big gun the GOP is giving Lieberman is Kemp. If I was Ken Mehlman or Karl Rove, I would have John McCain or Rudy Giuliani stump for Joementum.

The polls I see has independents favoring Lieberman. Alan Schlesinger has been a horrible candidate and fundraiser. The GOP has abandoned him for Lieberman. I like Matt Yglesias's idea of having Democrats throw money at Schlesinger so he can run negative ads at Lieberman. Republicans did it with Ralph Nader in 2004. Get those Schlesinger numbers up and Lieberman is history.


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