Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Compassionate Conservatism: Vilmar Edition

Vilmar bravely calls Katrina victims whiners in a post called "I'm Sick of This Crap."

For almost a week before today and I am sure for the rest of the week we will get bombarded about stories dealing with the “horrors of Hurricane Katrina” and how awful things still are. The Lame=-Stream, Drive-By Media will do everything they can to try and place all the blame for the misery on President Bush. Little will be said for the scumbags that just sit around expecting someone to make their lives better. Little will be said of the gross corruption and incompetence of the Mayor of New Orleans, the governor of Louisiana and Lousy-ana’s worthless senator.

Almost all the stories will focus on New Orleans. Hell, they had a bunch of asswipes ringing bells earlier today commemorating when the levees were flooded. Bells?!?!?! For inanimate objects the had their banks overrun?

This is nothing more than a bunch of faggotty over-sentimentality and an incredible waste of emotional energy. If these whiny sons of bitches would spend as much time trying to rebuild as they spend on planning all these ceremonies or standing around whining to the press, the damned place could have already been repaired.

He refers to flood victims as "inanimate objects" and sentimentality for the 1,836 who died as "faggotty." Vilmar views the hurricane strictly as a partisan issue. Me, I'm shocked that Ray Nagin was re-elected with all his incompetence and corruption. That might be because most New Orleans natives are still scattered across the country. People are still displaced as trailers sit empty. That's FEMA's responsiblity. Now President Bush is calling residents back when the levees are not ready for another Katrina-level hurricane.

Vilmar's answer to all this is to issue ad hominem attacks and complain that people are overreacting to Ernesto. If Ernesto became a major hurricane, do you think he would admit he was wrong. Would Vilmar not blame Democrats if Republican Governor Jeb Bush did not take the storm serious? (Fortunately, Bush is.)

Here's my challenge to Vilmar. Write a 2,000 word essay on how the Bush administration handled Katrina. Cover the preparation before the storm hit land to now. Think Progress has an excellent timeline of the events. That will be a good place for Vilmar to start his research. I suggest Vilmar do his homework on posts. He wasn't sure if Russ Feingold was running this year.


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