Friday, August 25, 2006

Phyllis Busansky Wants Donald Rumsfeld Fired

Phyllis Busansky goes on the offensive on the Denfense issues.

Press Release

“Secretary Rumsfeld should be fired; greedy contractors who unpatriotically steal from taxpayers need to be held accountable; and we need to look at a three-state solution to avoid civil war and allow us to bring our troops home.

“It is morally wrong to send US troops into harm’s way without proper body armor, equipment and up-armored Humvees. Congress must demand this administration support our soldiers with the proper gear and weaponry.

“War profiteering is unpatriotic. Congress must also do its job by holding contractors in Iraq accountable. That’s why I support a new ‘Truman Commission’ tasked with investigating and ending fraud and abuse among contractors – and, if warranted, charging serious offenders with treason.

“Finally, we need a new strategy in Iraq. I support Senator Joseph Biden’s plan which calls for a three-state solution in Iraq – separate, self-governing regions for the Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites – under a central government in Baghdad tasked with border security and management of oil revenues. This will allow us to strategically redeploy our troops – thus avoiding civil war. We must shift the burden of governing to these three self-governing regions.

“It’s time to change Congress. It’s time for accountability. And it’s time to begin bringing our troops home to the heroes welcome they deserve.”

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