Thursday, August 31, 2006

Gay Rights & Florida Politics

Pam Spalding is wondering if Charlie Crist and Tom Gallagher are battling to see who can be the biggest homophobic. They both have a long way to go before they sink to Ronda "Ban Gay Pride" Storms level. Floridians need to understand that the anti-gay campaigning makes the state into a laughing stock. The 2000 elections were bad enough.

I held back on this from this article. (I really don't want to know the sex lives of candidates.) If Tom Gallagher wants to keep pretending he is a social conservative then I'm more than happy to tell people he sure doesn't practice what he preaches. Journalist John Sugg can tell you so from his encounters with Gallagher.

Gallagher then proceeded to tell me, in great detail, of his recent escapades with women. He'd broken up with his first wife, and his Grove home was party central. Gallagher's stories were disturbing -- not that I'm a prude, God forbid.

After Gallagher made several references to adventures he implied I was knowledgeable about, but which I couldn't possibly have been, I asked: "Tom, who do you think I am?" He replied: "Huh? You're my accountant."

"Uh, no, Tom," I said, sharpening the mental knives for a column, "I'm John Sugg with the Miami Herald, and I'd sure as hell like to hear more about these exploits for the entertainment of our readers." He fled.

My experience is that people who are concerned with the sex lives of others are usually morally bankrupt. Jimmy Swaggart is my favorite example. He would kill a gay man who wanted to have sex with him. He has a problem paying a woman for sexual favors.


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