Monday, May 15, 2006

Ronda Storms Quotes

"We don't know what pig we are going to squeeze and we want to know what pig will squeal the least."

Weekly Planet April 10, 2002

"It's guilt money. This is so white people can pat themselves on the back."

Weekly Planet April 10, 2002

During the program, a puppet that goes by the name the Black Sock tells a puppet representing Storms that he wants to go to her home and perform a sex act on her.

"How is it you can say you're going to ride out to my house and do this?" said Storms, narrating a tape of the show for a reporter at her County Commission office Thursday. "No one has to agree with me. But civilized people should condemn that language."


"It's a dang sock with buttons for eyes talking about nothing," said Anderson, 25, an aspiring lawyer. "How many mother jokes are taken seriously? Does anyone of reasonable consciousness really believe they will happen?"

SP Times May 3, 2002

"I do not want to have to explain to my daughter what it means to question one's sexuality."

SP TIMES June 9, 2005

"A bane upon you. May the worms of your avarice consume your intestines."

SP TIMES Oct 13, 2005

"The enemy is ever vigilant. He's out there seeking whom he may desire. There have to be more of us."

SP TIMES Jan 18, 2006



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