Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Quote Of the Day

Republican Congressman C.W. Bill Young on Iraq:

Young declined to say whether going to war in Iraq was a good idea, noting that the authorization for force had widespread support from Democrats and Republicans.

"Once you get committed to a war situation, you're committed. It's not easy to get out until you win or you lose," said the congressman, who was on his way to present Purple Hearts to soldiers. "We have soldiers and Marines getting hurt and getting killed because of this war against terrorism. People don't like that, I don't like that ... but also I know we can't turn the world over to the terrorists, because they're killers."

I'm glad Young couragously stated "it's not easy to get out until you win or you lose." No one would be able to figure that one out on their own.

The Bush administration did not go into Iraq because of the war on terrorism. The 9-11 Commission found no links between Iraq and al Qaeda. I'm am tired of this shameful lied is being spoonfed to Americans. There are only two logical explanations for Young's statement: he's either incompetent or dishonest. Neither are good qualities for public office.

Say hello to Young's Democratic opponent Samm Sampson.


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