Monday, May 22, 2006

Curious Tom Gallagher Statement

The four major candidates for Governor of Florida had a debate at theDoral Golf Resort & Spa. This exchange between Charlie Crist and Tom Gallagher about Citizens Property Insurance caught my attention.

Crist said of Citizens: ''It's been under grand-jury investigation for a long time.'' Gallagher retorted that was ``absolutely not true.''

Government official, including Tom Gallagher's office, confirmed to the St. Petersburg Times that CPIC has been under grand jury investigation.

But in response to an inquiry by the St. Petersburg Times, the lead insurance fraud investigator in Florida Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher's office confirmed Tuesday that he was sharing information with Miller concerning "possible criminal violations by parties that had, or have a relationship with Citizens."

"Since the matter is technically a "matter occurring before a (federal) Grand Jury,' the Federal Rules ... prevent me from offering more," investigator Eric Miller, who is no relation to Gregory Miller, wrote in an e-mail that Gallagher's office forwarded to the Times.

The Ft. Myers News Press reported that subpoenas were handed out in question to possible illegal contracts. Paul Hulsebusch, chief operating officer, resigned after a vender filed a lawsuit against him. The vender claims that Hulsebusch attempted to get kickbacks from him.

I'm wondering why would Gallagher make such a statement. Citizens Property Insurance has a major stink around for the Florida GOP. I know Gallagher has received $88,450 from the insurance industry. Which just shows him to be a Republican drone. He is also showing signs of a political tin ear.

``I don't think we ought to have put class sizes in the Constitution of the state, and if it's going to be there, it ought to be flexible.''

The voters overwhelingly support the class-size amendment. Gallagher is committing political suicide by going against the voters' will.

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