Monday, May 15, 2006

Mickey Kaus Can Pick Them

For those Republicans who thought illegal immigration was going to be a winning election year issue. This email sent by a longtime Republican voter to The Corner should serve notice.

He's turning into his father as we watch and if it wasn't for the WOT (that he fought well in the first administration - not so well now) he'd have been a first term president also.

My apologies to JPod but I can't see a negative to letting the moronic Democrats take back over. It really can't be much worse. And it could get so bad the apathetic will wake back up.

All this anti-immigration noise started around the time Russ Feingold introduced his censure resolution for the NSA phone data-mining.

"Bush's best hope was for the Democrats to do something dumb," wrote Glenn Reynolds. They did by abandoning Feingold. Republicans countered by making noise about illegal immigrants. Which did nothing to keep the NSA scandal out of the news. There is also the alienation of the largest-growing voting group. No one should be surprised that Mickey Kaus thought the issue would be a political winner for Republicans.


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