Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Katherine Harris Call On William Buckley

The editors of the National Review have implored Katherine Harris to end her campaign.

But now Harris believes she has a legitimate chance against Nelson. Her belief is almost surely mistaken. Polls routinely show her behind by more than 20 points. It is not unusual for a challenger to trail an incumbent at this point in an election cycle, in large part because challengers need time to introduce themselves to voters. Yet Harris needs no introduction: She is already well known, and many Floridians simply refuse to support her. In February, a GOP poll of likely voters found her to have a favorable rating of just 35 percent and an unfavorable rating of 45 percent. Those numbers are fatal.

Harris' response was to ask National Review founder William F. Buckley to stump for her.

Bill, come campaign with us in Florida some weekend. See the hope Florida voters share with me and catch our vision. The weather is beautiful and it would do you some good to get out of Washington, D.C. to hear what real voters say about Katherine Harris.

Bill will see Harris at staged-events where she doesn't have to answer questions from journalists and "real voters." Harris fails to understand that she needs to do more than speak at Dr. Dale's planned Christian Right events. Harris needs to talk to the over-20-percent that plans to vote for Nelson. Just to get even in the polls.

The National Review and Katherine Harris continue to pass of the lie that Bill Nelson has a liberal voting record. The Harris letter states, "... yet the incumbent’s voting record was rated more liberal than Hillary Clinton’s by the respected bipartisan National Journal last year." The National Journal placed Nelson on their list of Senators with centrist voting records. Stuff like that is why "real voters" don't trust Harris and the National Review is not considered a serious news magazine.

Readers, what do you think will be the next disaster from the Harris campaign? I say locusts. That would fit the Christian theme of her campaign. Give me your best Harris disaster idea.


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