Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Marco Rubio Interview

Javier Manjarres interviews Marco Rubio about his senatorial bid. The interview covers conservative hot button issues of abortion, guns, national security and the stimulus bill. My impression of the interview is Rubio is ready for prime-time.

Manjarres took shots at President Barack Obama and Gov. Charlie Crist. Manjarres went into a long-winded spiel about Obama being a socialist. What differentiates Rubio from a Sarah Palin is he refused to personally attack Obama and Crist. Rubio said he would stand with Obama on issues they agreed upon but not the stimulus package. Rubio has the self-disclipine not to go off in wacky attacks. John McCain never learned that message.

Rubio reiterates Jeb Bush's message that Republicans must change the tone of their anti-illegal immigrant message. Rubio is incorrect that the GOP loves immigrants. Republicans have lost Hispanic votes in the last two election cycles. Republicans have built their empire on the Southern strategy. Rubio does deliver the

Rubio sounds more like David Brooks than Michele Bachmann. I disagree with Rubio's conservative ideology. It is interesting to hear a Republican coherently define why he is a conservative. Too many Republicans repeat trite talking points. Rubio comes off as an intellectual compared to his fellow Republicans. That says more about the current GOP talent pool than it is a statement on Rubio. He is a savvy politician. The GOP hasn't had a good policy idea since welfare reform and Bill Clinton made that his own.

If I was a GOP operative, Rubio would be the kind of candidate I would be recruiting for all levels of the party. John Boehner and Eric Cantor only make Democrats look better. I see Rubio and pray Democrats will recruit Pam Iorio. Kendrick Meek and Dan Gelber will have problems against Rubio.

What really bothered me about the interview is Rubio's insistence that trickle down economics works.

Rubio: The economic role of government should be very, very limited, in paticular. I don't want to live in a country where government gets to pick the winners and the losers in our economy. When government picks the winners and the losers; the winners are always these big business companies that can influence the process. The small entrepreneur, the ones whose creates jobs and opportunity, the ones whose always lead America through tough times into the good times are hurt in an environment where government picks winners and losers.

But Florida Republicans do pick winners and losers. Rubio attempted to cut funding into Medicaid. Rubio attempted to implement what would have been of the highest sale tax increases in the country. Rubio talks about big bussiness wielding influence on legislators. As he was about to become Speaker, Rubio landed a Ray Sansom-style deal. Rubio was hired by Broad & Cassel to a $300,000-a-year job.

Rubio is beatable if Democrats attack his record. Personal attacks will not work. Rubio is to likable.

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