Saturday, April 04, 2009

Quinnell Is Wrong About Senate Race

Kenneth Quinnell writes a post on the Senate race. Quinnell states the Governors race is the one to follow. I would if I actually knew who was running. Quinnell believes if Crist doesn't run for the Senate: "No other Republican has much of a shot against Meek or Gelber, particularly now that they have a fund-raising head start and the Republican party is consistently playing the anti-progress fool on the national stage."

Quinnell is wrong. Marco Rubio is Florida's GOP rising star. Rubio hired Jeb Bush fundraiser Ann Herberger. Rubio's Cuban heritage and Miami roots will make him competitive in Democratic-leaning South Florida. Progressives don't like Rubio. That doesn't mean Rubio doesn't have charisma and political savvy. Kendrick Meek and Dan Gelber (whom I like.) don't excite people. Both are beatable. Neither has as much name recognition as Rubio.

The best potential candidate hasn't entered the race and that is Pam Iorio. Iorio never lost a campaign. Iorio has executive experience and is from the I-4 corridor. If a Democratic candidate can't win voting districts along I-4 then Mel Martinez's replacement will be a Republican. Democrats need to talk Iorio into the race.

South Florida Democratic consultant Derek Newton told the St. Petersburg Times Iorio could "win the primary and general."

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At April 05, 2009 12:47 PM , Anonymous Mark Weaver said...

While formidable, I still think Crist is beatable in either race. I've seen popular governors get dragged down by recessions and budget slashing in other states. I wouldn't rule it out.

Yeah, Rubio could beat the Dems easily. But they've got a good shot.

The big question is would be the bigger war monger: Rubio? or Sam Nunn protege "Israel can do no wrong" Dan Gelber? Or would it be Meek because he's so weak he'll let the right herd him into war with fear in his eyes if it'll get him elected without much intellectual effort?

At April 05, 2009 2:42 PM , Blogger Michael Hussey said...

Mark, I think the Dems should beg Pam Iorio to enter the race. If Crist or Iorio doesn't enter this will be a South Florida race. Rubio is better known than Meek or Gelber. That will help him with I-4. The Panhandle is GOP country. Meek will do as badly there as Jim Davis.


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