Sunday, August 03, 2008

Where is The Pizzazz?

Progress Florida started the web site Millionaire McCain. They pulled a PR stunt. A fake McCain delivered a card saying, "Thanks again to the Republican Party of Florida for helping me hoodwink working families and keep looking out for corporate special interests." The fake McCain delivered the card to the offices of the Republican Party of Florida.

The Buzz covered the event.

The publicity stunt lacked pizzazz. How about Millionaire McCain jumping over flaming cars, backflipping off the motorcycle and handing the card to Jim Greer? How about gathering recently laid off people and asking Greer to justify his remarks about Democrats looking for handouts.

Seriously, Progress Florida, if you are going to embarrass the RPoF then get serious about it. A guy in a rubber mask is boring and lame. It plays into Republican's narrative that Democrats like holding stupid protests. FP could have gotten the media down to photograph fake McCain and then hammered Greer and Charlie Crist spending so much time out of thr capital. Gathering up laid off Democrats and Republicans would have forced Greer to explain his welfare queen remark and put emphasis on Florida Republicans' failed economic policies. Instead, people just saw a guy wearing a McCain mask.

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At August 04, 2008 3:54 PM , Blogger Wizaro2000 said...

The press event was more than a "stunt that lacked pizazz". There were representatives of the Florida AFL-CIO and Florida Alliance for Retired Americans who told their stories as to why "Millionaire McCain" is out of touch with Florida's working families.

The political theater was the hook to get the press to attend and it worked. Televisions and radio stations across the state ran different versions of the event, all of which hammered home our main message - "John McCain is out of touch with Florida's working families."

To say that "people just saw a guy wearing a McCain mask" is completely inaccurate. I'd be more than happy to send you the Tampa Bay public radio news story, heard by thousands, that focused on McCain's anti working families record.


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