Sunday, April 27, 2008

Great Moments In Conservative Punditry

It has been awhile since I read InstaPundit. Not that I have been missing much.

Reynolds runs a post on how Hillary Clinton's and Barack Obama's political prospects will be doomed by an Al Sharpton protest. Reynolds previous post is about Cindy Sheehan representing the average citizen fighting Nancy Pelosi and the corporate elite. Reynolds runs another post about Al Sharpton protest will derail Hillary Clinton's and Barack Obama's campaigns.

I laugh my ass off when I read these missives. Who the hell takes Sheehan and Sharpton seriously? Since when did the pro-Iraq war Reynolds become a Sheehan supporter? Two fringe liberals that barely get publicity are going to hurt the election prospects of three of the most powerful Democrats in America. Does Reynolds really believe this are he he just continuing his job an the unofficial RNC blogger?

I can't get mad at Reynolds anymore. Several progressive blogs are more popular than his now. The blogfather is now a dinosaur that lost his credibility long ago.

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