Tuesday, November 13, 2007

David Horowtiz Is No friend of Feminism

It would be nice if David Horowitz and the Young America’s Foundation did some research before they protested George Washington University's women's studies department. Howowitz rounded up the YAF kiddies to prmote/protest the Terrorism Awareness Project. We all know how terroism doesn't get enough play in the media. And yes, I'm being sarcastic.

"Women’s studies, as everybody knows…are about unequal power, the oppression of women, so if they don’t have a course on oppression of women in Islam, they should," said Horowitz.

GWU does address the subject matter with the "Women in Islam" class. Simply checking the GWU website would have clued in Horowitz. But then the protesters wouldn't have anything to do with those nice signs.

I have grave doubts that Islamo-Fascism Week is going to be a big hit. Howowitz, Ann Coulter and and Rick Santorum are going to be promoting ISW. It's hard for me to see a cartoonish ex-hippie, a woman who wants to disenfranchise her own voting rights, and a social conservative whom lost his Senate seat changing minds.

The Left isn't arguing that Osama bin Laden and his followers do not commit acts of evil. Our main complaint is that President Bush has been incompetent in fighting the war on terrorism. Demonizing people and creating intolerance is easier for Howowitz.

For a sign of how easily rhetoric about the Middle East can escalate, consider George Washington University, where authorities discovered hundreds of posters Monday that said: “Hate Muslims? So do we!” A “typical Muslim” is then portrayed, with features identified such as “venom from mouth” and “suicide vest.” University police removed the posters and are investigating who put them up.

The question is why is Howowitz targeting women's studies group? What this has to do with terrorism or the Islamic religion is beyond me. It might be his inflammatory statement that women's studies teach "the oppression of women." Katha Pollitt of The Nation noted, "...Horowitz is responsible--as writer, activist, speechifier and editor of Frontpagemag.com--there is virtually no evidence of concern for the rights, liberties, opportunities or well-being of any women on earth, except for Muslims." Muslim women's rights is a talking point for Howowitz, not a heartfelt believe.

Howowitz bashed feminism and compared women serving in the military to Jim Crow-era laws.

These politically inspired assaults have been mounted under the banner of "desexegrating" the military (the term was coined by former Rep. Patricia Schroeder, D-Colo., who has led the crusade). The idea is to put women in combat and combat-support roles once reserved for men, as though the problems associated with such a profound shift were trivial and the rationale for preserving male prominence in combat were the same as the Jim Crow reasoning employed by white supremacists to preserve their domination in the segregationist South. As a result, at least one female navy pilot, Kara Hultgreen, is dead.

Hultgreen was a Navy pilot who would have been grounded before her death had she been a man and held to normal Navy standards of competence. But feminist politicians in Washington, led by Schroeder, then ranking member of the Armed Services Committee, were so determined that the Navy qualify females to fly advanced combat planes, that normal standards were thrown overboard. Despite her documented inadequacies, Hultgreen's training, which clearly pushed her beyond her ability, continued -- until in 1994 she crashed her $40 million F-14 into the sea while trying to land on the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln. Nobody, either in the Congress or the media, has looked into the possibility that Schroeder's "desexegration" agenda may have been to blame.

Howowitz is targeting women's studies group because of his deep-seeded contempt for feminism. He is simutaniously assaulting liberal women and Muslims. This is all about Howowitz thumping his chest and playing the bully. He doesn't give a shit about women's rights.

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At November 27, 2007 12:01 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


A woman has been sentenced to receive two hundred lashes
And jail time--for a rape done by a gang of seven men
All unrelated to the victim: she was under-cautious
In her proximity, but so she learned her lesson then.

It is the "Muslim" way but most especially as it is
Interpreted and implemented by our friends the Saudis--
Yet moralists discretionary turn their eyes from this
For friendship´s sake--make no mistake--or even they applaud these

Progressive indicators because our cohabitant
Within the bed of oil has made for palms greased all around;
So we may overlook it because getting what we want
We tolerate injustices no matter how profound.

However let it be a country as Sadaam´s Iraq,
Or even say Iran today--outside of the exclusive
Friendship association Good Old Boys (the US pack),
Why then denouncement and concern becomes ultra-effusive.

Then those same moralists decry "female victimization,"
Though than their Saudi counterparts the women in the case
May live freer substantially with less discrimination,
But so faux-feminism bears a schizophrenic face.

Such policies however as the US foists upon
The various Arab emirates and lands of the Koran,
All tend pejoratively to impact the women there,
As in Iraq: US know-how may lack some savoir faire.

Get off your high horse, hypocrites,
And cease to moralize
About some other peoples--it´s
Presumptuous and unwise;
In fact distortion as it flits
Amounts to telling lies.


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