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It is just after noon here in the south and I've barely been awake an hour as I begin this post.
Serious sleep deprivation lately along with not feeling my best, so I suppose I needed some catch up! And, I'm starving!!! But, missing a meal won't kill me as I update you on the latest and greatest Spocko Links around the WWW. (Except for the nagging headache I have acquired....)

Here we go: Answer me This. What is the difference between the KSFO hosts advocacy of hate and death and that of the Taliban, Osama bin Ladin, etc. who advocate destroying the west? Not much in my eyes.

This is a search performed on dKOS of all stories pertaining to "Spocko" for the past two weeks. There are 41 posts!

Of the posts for the past week at dKOS, the following were on their High Impact List:

Surreal KSFO "Special Broadcast" defies description


KSFO is panicking. (10 Updates, with Press Release)

Newsflash: The netroots is a force. Disney's still learning the lesson

I called Disney. And recorded it. Here it is. (They don't give a shit.)

Game. Set. Match. Morgan caught astroturfing her own radio show

It's getting too big for me to cover... w/creepy update

Building a better Mousetrap (finally, completely updated)

KSFO / Melanie Morgan's Hypocrisy - (liveblogging)

KSFO special broadcast - Whole show [MORE UPDATES]

ASIDE: And, then there is this, which appalls me even more: Al Gore film banned from public school Unbelievable!!!

Holy Shit!!! Now this is good news:

California Radio Station Held Liable in Negligence Case (w/ SPOCKO Update)
Apparently, there are consequences to inciting hate.

In 1996: Lawmakers Blast Radio Hosts' Smog Claims
San Francisco Chronicle; August 16, 1996

KSFO Listener Threatens to Kill CA Senator and Family

Things reached the breaking point this week when a drunken caller left five messages on Senator Mike Thompson's office answering machine threatening to kill him, his wife and his mother.

The caller, who left his name, was interrogated by police and apologized, saying he had become angry after listening to a KSFO talk program. Thompson later asked authorities not to press charges.


The Supreme Court of California affirmed the jury’s determination that the defendant radio station was liable under a negligence theory for the "foreseeable results of a broadcast which created an undue risk of harm . . . ."115 Cornell Law; First Amendment

And, now the KSFO incitement guidelines:

In today's San Francisco Chronicle there is an article reporting on yesterday's on air call in show at KSFO. Buried there in the article is this little nugget: KSFO has been reissued guidelines by their parent company ABC about the limits of violent hate speech:

KSFO Radio host Melanie Morgan said ABC has reissued corporate guidelines to the station's hosts about what constitutes "violent" commentary. "We don't believe we have crossed a single line," she said. cite

ABC guidelines for KSFO do not seem to have made any difference in the hate mongering speech, have they?

Read all of Suskind's post....lot's of good info.

(Done with dKOS..whew!...I didn't realize how much I would find!)

A Google Search: Spocko, ABC, KSFO, Disney

A Google Blog Search: Spocko, ABC, KSFO, Disney

In the past day or so:

KSFO goes after Spocko

2 hours ago by Bobby Badboy
Soon, advertisers signed off. KSFO wasn’t pleased. Spocko found his photo posted on
KSFO’s web site and was threatened by their management with a myriad of consequences.
Finally, on Christmas Eve last, Disney/ABC served Spocko’s ISP ...
Pirate Cat Radio 87.9fm -
Owner of conservative radio station KSFO demands liberal critic ...
12 hours ago by lol
Now, bloggers and media freedom advocates are concerned about the legal reaction
from Disney/ABC-owned KSFO. Shortly before Christmas, an ABC lawyer demanded that
Spocko remove audio clips from his blog on the grounds that Spocko's ...
The News is - -
Trek Invades US Politics
20 hours ago by Anthony Pascale
Spocko is a San Francisco resident named P. McNash (see blogger profile here)
who blogged about Star Trek, sci-fi and politics. What got him notice was his
bloggings on conservative radio station KSFO which is owned by Disney/ABC. ...
Trek Movie Report -

Juneau romantic getaway trip review2 hours ago by admin
Last year, the website Spocko’s Brain posted clips from ABC-owned radio station
KSFO’s morning show out of outrage at its content. ABC owner Disney sent a
cease-and-desist to the ISP that hosts Spocko’s Brain because he had been ...
Yahoo Air -

Warning: Politics

13 Jan 2007 by Joan
Advertisers have been leaving KSFO in a steady drip, with a big one, Visa, pulling
their ads as of mid-December. Almost immediately, Spocko and his ISP got the
predictable scary letters from KSFO's parent company, ABC/Disney. ...
Joan -
More Disney/ABC/KSFO
13 Jan 2007 by Dave
KSFO radio did a "special" 3-hour show yesterday with a couple of goals: ...
This all started because a blogger who calls himself "Spocko" started sending audio
... Apparently this was effective because ABC/Disney sent Spocko's hosting ...
The Shannon Family Website -
KSFO Roundup
13 Jan 2007 by David (Austin Tx)
Technorati Tags: ABC, Disney, KSFO, Spocko, SpockosBrain, Melanie Morgan, Lee
Rodgers, Radio, Talk Radio, EFF, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Lee Rogers,
Brian Sussman, Officer Vic, Fairness Doctrine, Mike Stark.
The Supreme Irony of Life... -
Revenge Of The Air Pirates!
13 Jan 2007 by microdot
This is day 6 and counting of the blogswarm against KSFO Radio in San Fransisco!
... This has moved into a bigger issue than the shutting down of Spocko's ...
Take a little time to file a complaint with the FCC against Disney/ABC/KSFO . ...
the brain police -
Mike Stark: Surreal KSFO "Special Broadcast" Defies Description
13 Jan 2007 by Mike Stark
At times, the KSFO special radio afternoon was uproarious and side-splitting.
... The KSFO hosts undertook to unfairly, dishonestly and, with a subtle air of
desperation, ... Will ABC/Disney follow through on their threat to sue Spocko? ...
The Huffington Post | Raw Feed -
[ More results from The Huffington Post | Raw Feed ]
KSFO :: Hate Speech13 Jan 2007 by fc
The Spocko Blogswarm has expanded to include support from Media Matters. They have
highlighted the Hate Speech Radio programming of KSFO radio which includes ...
Technorati Tags :: Politics · KSFO · ABC Disney · Hate Speech · WingNuts.
NeoAlertz -

A Google News Search: Spocko, ABC, KSFO, Disney

KSFO-AM Radio Hosts Respond To Blog Controversy
CBS 5, CA - Jan 12, 2007
(CBS 5) SAN FRANCISCO Two conservative radio hosts from KSFO-AM offered an explanation during a special broadcast Friday for comments that led some ...

American Daily, OH - Jan 11, 2007
By Editor (01/11/07). Lee Rodgers, Melanie Morgan, Officer Vic and Brian Sussman will address issues and concerns prompted by misleading information about ...

San Jose Mercury News, CA - Jan 12, 2007
The three hour show Friday, staged, it seems, mostly to keep advertisers, was conservative radio station KSFO-AM's reply to an anonymous blogger who has ...

KSFO and Disney/ABC try to censor blogger to protect profits for ...
Bay Area Indymedia, CA - Jan 12, 2007
by hate talk crybabies. KSFO and Disney/ABC are trying to censor for publishing clips of hate talk and then notifying ...

California Radio Station Held Liable in Negligence Case
ePluribus Media - 20 hours ago
And just a note, on the January 3rd first Mike Stark diary about Spocko vs KSFO/ABC/Disney, there were 1065 recommends. If each of those people wrote just ...

Blogger makes ABC, Disney accountable for trashy radio
Chicago Daily Southtown, IL - Jan 10, 2007
But freedom of speech is not freedom from opposition to that speech, and to Spocko, opposition was called for. He opposed Morgan and Sussman and KSFO as ...
"Spocko's Brain" Fights for Free Speech. Under Attack by ABC/Walt ...
News Hounds, CA - Jan 10, 2007
ABC (owned by squeaky clean Walt Disney Corporation) is trying to stifle Spocko. I expect we'll soon see poor, persecuted Melanie Morgan on FOX News, ...

A Yahoo! Search: Spocko, ABC, KSFO, Disney

A Yahoo! News Search: Spocko, ABC, KSFO, Disney

San Francisco Chronicle: KSFO radio hosts take on blogger's allegations

KSFO pre-empted Dr. Laura Schlessinger's three-hour program on Friday in what station officials billed as a "no-holds-barred broadcast" to answer their critics on-air. While KSFO billed the show by saying "both friends and critics of the station are invited to participate," they didn't take calls for the first 90 minutes of the show and fielded only a handful of mostly positive e-mails and calls throughout. Spocko declined the station's invitation to go on the air, telling The Chronicle the show would be slanted against him because KSFO controlled the format. One of Spocko's supporters, liberal blogger Mike Stark, called in to spar with the hosts for several minutes before being cut off. The hosts ridiculed Spocko as a "coward" for his anonymity and a "crackpot" for being a grown man who named himself after a "Star Trek" character.

Several times, the KSFO hosts complained that liberals were trying to limit their free speech, and that Spocko -- who got 15 visitors a day to his blog before this controversy -- was part of an organized liberal plot to silence them.

Still, Morgan said ABC has reissued corporate guidelines to the station's hosts about what constitutes "violent" commentary. "We don't believe we have crossed a single line," she said.

Despite its defiant tone, the show was a rarity in the bare-knuckles world of talk radio -- and a tacit acknowledgement of how the blogosphere is influencing traditional media.

The station replayed clips that Spocko and other bloggers had passed around the Internet over the past few weeks, and each broadcaster attempted to provide context to what the hosts described several times as the "lies and distortions" that had been spread by bloggers and traditional media.

Morning show co-host Lee Rodgers was the least apologetic, saying he disagreed with participating in Friday's format. "If you're waiting for an apology, you'll be waiting a long time," he said.

Evening show host Brian Sussman was the most conciliatory. He repeated an on-air apology for comments he made about the "halfrican" ancestry of Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill. Morgan pointed out that three of the former weather forecaster's adopted children are of mixed race.

Sussman said that sometimes he had gone over the line in the course of talking on the air "without a net" for 20-odd hours a week. Still, Sussman said, Spocko's actions were "a complete abuse of the First Amendment."

"We don't expect this to be over," Morgan said, "but we're not going to be addressing it again."

Said one caller toward the end of the three-hour show: "This seems much ado about nothing. Giving all this time to it, it makes me wonder what the difference is between you guys and Spocko."

There is a hell of a lot of difference you jerk-off. Sheesh.

Online Blogintegrity: Between Online Blogintegrity and Mike Stark (dKOS), as well as Spocko himself, they kept this ball up in the air and morphing into a full-fledged non-violent assault. A most excellent job of advocacy and grass roots support folks. Viral it is. (Crack-pot cream-puffs, my ass!)
I am Spocko, ¡Spocko's Brain Lives!, Some thoughts on Spocko and KSFO, Word for the week: Mouse-o-fascism, A Pre-emptive Strike, CBS-5 TV in SF report on Spocko/KSFO, Six Degrees of Hypocrisy, Spocko/KSFO story in SF Gate, Hotel San Francisco, Outright Lies, "Now the taste is bitter.", Changes (with update), Rundowns of the KSFO Pity Party, We can't say it enough, and A Crackpot's Perspective on KSFO's Rebuttal

Huffington Post: ABC/Disney Picks a Fight it Can't Win

Pushing Rope: Spocko Exposes ABC Disney Affiliate Advertisers to KSFO Content, Gets Told to Cease & Desist

The Supreme Irony of Life: ABC/Disney Endorses Hate Speech, Violence, and Secrecy

Ripley's Poscast on Odeo: Spocko's Brain vs KSFO Hate Radio and ABC-Disney Attorneys on Odeo and Everything Zen

On Digg News: ABC/Disney Shuts Down Blog Exercising Fair Use

Business Blog Consulting: ABC. Disney: How Not to Handle the Blogosphere

Media Matters: ABC shut down blogger who criticized violent ...

Wow, it's always a pleasant Sunday when you can fight the good fight. Always. Remember, there's "No Static At All" on FM radio. Stick to NPR. Hey, I also want to bring up what a commenter said, that making the radio stations adhere to a set of rules requiring equal time for all voices would be a limitation on free speech and kill the station. Interestingly enough, NPR, PBS and all affiliates were required to do so the past two years due to the Republicans......they even made them hire a Bush plant as head of the works. So, let's throw KSFO a Melanie Morgan pity party, baby.

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An interview with Spocko (excellent!)

the entire KSFO story and his role in it by dave neiwart at orcinus

At mike stark's calling all wingnuts:

(unfortunately, I received a 404 every time i tried to download the mp3 files)

Surreal KSFO “Special Broadcast” defies description


Goddess on a crutch, these guys take the black medal honors for completely dense partisanship and blinder wearing sycophants. I mostly hate linking to them for their adject denial of reality. I dare them to post the excerpt audio clips for their viewers to hear, which I doubt would ever happen. Wouldn't want people to hear the venom in their voices or the "context," now would we. Troglodytes. But, then, what else can you expect from NewsBusters, a mindmeld of folks that actually believe there is a Liberal Media Bias. If that were so, Bush would never have been President, one term, much less two.

Liberal Blogs Attack Conservative Radio Station

It’s a bit different when you find out that Rodgers and Morgan were discussing a felon that had been arrested 236 times, and were thereby using the Sears DieHard image to mock the justice and penal systems for his continued presence on the streets. Wouldn’t you agree?

No, Noel. I don't agree. We don't do torture in this country you stupid fuck, and especially not for car theft. Nor do we put a gun to their foreheads and blow out their fucking brains, regardless of its mental incapacity. Wouldn't you agree that there is something wrong with someone who repeats the same tired mistake over and over and over again?

Oh, and I would have posted my comment on your site, but then again, I have to be "registered and approved first." Couldn't have anyone there that disagrees, now could we?

If I believed in a god, I'd be screamin' "God Almighty!!!!!" in complete frustration and hopefully bringing home a few salient points about reality and consequences.

Words have strength. Be careful how you use them. Hate and fearmongering are among the worst things you can do in my view.

k/t Online Blogintegrity


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