Friday, January 05, 2007

:: Spocko Exposes ABC Disney Affiliate Advertisers to KSFO Content, Gets Told to Cease & Desist ::

These people are the absolute, bottom of the barrel, scum of the earth ..... the sycophants.

Please, pass this information along:

At the bottom of this post are a series of clips from KSFO shows that are an absolute Xenophobic outrage. For exposing to KSFO content to their advertisers with radio show clips, Disney has unleashed their corporate lawyers against Spocko, whowrote polite letters to the KSFO show advertisers so they would know what their advertising dollar was supporting. Master Card dropped their advertising and others may soon follow. ABC Disney has certainly taken an even darker turn for the worse.

One wonders if Walt is turning over in his grave cryogenic chamber. And, you take your kids to Disney when they support this kind of ignorant outrage?

Regardless, read Ripley's post below, then go to the Blog Integrity link to get the lowdown and check out Stark's DKos Diary about the situation. Rip also included a linked search regarding Spocko.

Spocko needs help to get the word out so the ABC Coprorate hacks will back off. If this is spread throughout the internet, perhaps it will alleviate or dissipate their direct attack on Spocko. Additionally, once this is spread around the internets and hopefully with more exposure to the media, these guys will a) lose more advertising backers, b) leave Spocko the hell alone, and c) lose their advertisers and kill the shows. No sponsorship, no show, no platform for these Sociopaths.

Spocko has merely provided a service to us and many a company out there.

From Ripley at Zen Cabin:

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the story of Spocko’s brouhaha with KSFO and ABC/Disney:

I’ll be posting more clips to the BI site tonite. Stop by and let Spocko know you’re on his side.

Oh, I may have Spocko as a guest on Subliminal Radio, if we can find a convenient time. I’ll let you know.

Yeah – I love this kind of stuff. Qua!

[Update] – Check out this blog search on Spocko

You want Vaseline with that, Mickey?

[Meta-Update] – Want to help? Send people to the Blog Integrity website to get the story. Then, send me an an e-mail if you can help spread the word and the audio clips. I’ll have them all zipped for d/l later tonite. (or e-mail Gato – gatobloggero>

Yes, it’s a campaign. Did I mention I love this stuff?

Rip -

These are ZIP files Rip consolidated of many clips from the KSFO Radio Shows in question. Download them and have a listen. You won't have to hear very much to get the drift. These humanoid pod people are complete xenophiles. You thought Malkin, Coulter and O'Reilly were bad? These guys make them look like rank amateurs, they are such hideously examples of the human race and everything that is bad about this country. How do these so-called human beings live with themselves. They actually have the gall to call themselves compassionate in one of the clips.

WMA File ZIP or MP3 File ZIP Format

Example: Allah is a Whore

In addition, it sounds like Rip is a tad weary tonight from a rough week and little sleep. Since he is attempting to schedule Spocko for an interview about this situation on Subliminal Radio, I'm unsure whether there will be a regular show tonight at 9 pm CST. An alternate time may be required to schedule the interview. STAY TUNED!

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