Friday, March 20, 2015

The Hysterical Levels of Rick Scott's Climate Change Ban

If Gov. Rick Scott wants people to believe that he didn't issue a ban on the term "climate change" than he should allow Bryan Koon, Florida Division of Emergency director, to be able to say the words. Join testified before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee. Hilarity ensues.

As soon as Koon was done with his comments, state Sen. Jack Latvala, the Clearwater Republican who chairs the committee, playfully chimed in: “What were those words?

Clemens then suggested the state use a term for climate change more in line with Scott’s goal of creating jobs.

“I’m suggesting we, as a state, use atmospheric reemployment,” he said.

When pressed on the issue one final time by Clemens, Koon said “the issue you mentioned earlier,” again refusing to use the reportedly banned term.

That comment prompted the committee room to break out in laughter. At one point, Latvala was laughing so hard he had to turn off his microphone. (91:08 on the video)

Even a staunch Republican like Latvala finds the ban on the use of climate change hysterical. Watch the video on the Senate website. It is must see TV.


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