Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Rick Scott Campaigns With No Enthusiasm

Why is Adam Smith surprised that Rick Scott cannot connect with voters. What Governor has he been covering the last 4 year. Scott made a campaign stop in West Tampa today. Scott showed all the charisma of one of the zombies from the gore porn TV show The Walking Dead.

Maybe the enthusiastic young lady who got in his face inquiring whether he would return more than $1-million in campaign contributions from Duke Energy put Scott in a sour mood. Maybe he's just tired. But there was nothing in the body language of him or his campaign in Tampa today that projected confidence or cheer. Few TV cameras were on hand early enough to get him on the midday news, and even a few TV reporters who were there missed him because he left so quickly.


There is nothing odd about this. Scott's aides on several occasions have rushed their boss out of press conferences. Scott recently had a public freak out when voters questioned him about the minimum wage. Who knows why Scott behaves this way but he is not the greatest campaigner in the world.

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