Monday, March 17, 2014

Russia's Bill O'Reilly

It is nice to know Russia has their own version of Bill O'Reilly. Dmitry Kiselev, a host of the Russian news show News Hour told his audience that Russia could reduce the United States to "radioactive ash." It's nice to see that Kiselev is trying to be the voice of reason.

Politisite has the English translation.

“Russia – the only country in the world, capable of transforming the U.S. into radioactive ash ! I do not know whether the match , but Obama called Putin on January 21 , but the next day , literally January 22, as the official organ of the Russian government appears article [ in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" ], where quite lucidly chewed how our system works guaranteed nuclear retaliation “Perimeter” . In the U.S., call her dead hand – « dead hand .” Even if all the people in our command posts after enemy nuclear attack silenced , invulnerable system will automatically send to our strategic missile flight from mines and submarines in the right direction “, – announced Kiselev , recommending interesting to read in ” Rossiyskaya Gazeta ” , calling it ” extremely interesting . ”

Kiselev is either extremely stupid or a total Russian propaganda tool. Kiselev is discussing nuclear warfare as a viable option to end the diplomatic disagreement between the United States and Russia over the Ukraine. What nuclear war would likely do is kill every single person on the planet.

The good news is Russia has television pundits just as stupid as America's talking heads.

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