Monday, March 10, 2014

Michele Bachmann's Latest Rant

Apparently Michele Bachmann is only a fan of the First Amendment when it suits herpurposes. Bachmann proposes to use the RICO Act to prosecute anyone who criticizes the Koch brotherd. You can't make batshit crazy stuff like this up.

I just thank God that there’s a billionaire or two on our side. All the billionaires seem to be on the radical left, so I’m glad that we have a couple on ours. I hope we get a few more that are willing that come out but realize also this is an intimidation movement, I’m sure that the donors on our side don’t like to have their names vilified and that’s what this is about, intimidating people from giving money to our cause, that’s it. There’s something called the RICO statute, the racketeering law, that should be applied against them for doing this."

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