Thursday, March 27, 2014

Compassionate Conservatism: Lucille Kring

"The shooting saved us a trial. Always a good outcome."

Lucille Kring, (R) Anaheim City Councilwoman.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Robert Moreno Jr. was involved in a shootout with the local Orange County police. Moreno was shot dead by the police. Kring responded by stating that Moreno's death "saved us a trial." Some local residents are asking for Kring to resign from City Council and the Mayor's race.

Genevieve Huizar, who recently lost a wrongful death lawsuit for the officer-involved shooting of her son Manuel Diaz, called Kring’s statements sickening.

“Lucille, apology not accepted,” Huizar said. “How dare you? How dare you?”

Kring is backpedaling now from her statement. That has more to do with her political future being uncertain than getting a sudden doze of compassion.

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