Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Quote of the Day

"If anyone knows about grandstanding, it’s him with his 6-foot yardstick."

Frank Reddick, Tampa City Councilman

Mayor Bob Buckhorn accused members of the Tampa City Council of "grandstanding" on the red light camera program. There has been consesus to kill the program. Buckhorn and the City Council have disagreed on how revenue from tickets acquired from the program should be spent.

Reddick 's comment referred to Buckhorn's support for a six foot limit law between patrons and dancers in strip clubs. Buckhorn attempted to outlaw lap dances when he was on the Tampa City Council. Strip club owner Joe Redner vowed to take every arrest of his dancers to trial. The City of Tampa hasn't enforced the law in years.

Reddick's quote perfectly called out Buckhorn for grandstanding.

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