Monday, March 17, 2014

Alex Sink and Obamacare Messaging

This will give credence to Alex Sink supporters who felt the Washington establishment is responsible for her horrible messaging on Obamacare.

A Democratic Party aide, speaking on the condition he not be identified by name, said Senate Democrats received a memo from pollster Geoff Garin in recent days alerting them of a poll taken in conjunction with this week's Florida special election.

The poll found that "keeping parts" of the Affordable Care Act that work and "fixing those that don't" drew higher numbers than "the Republican message of repeal," the aide said, adding that this is the message senators are urged to campaign on.

I doubt Sink would have defended Obamacare 1005 if the DCCC told her. This is the same Alex Sink who supports the Simpson-Bowles plan. Even though the Simpson-Bowles plan cuts Social Security. Under the plan, some low paid workers may not even qualify for Social Security. Cost of living adjustments would reduce under the plan. Alex Sink campaigns for protecting Social Security and backing a plan that cuts Social Security. This was Sink's idea of playing 3-D chess against David Jolly.

Democrats have a messaging problem with Social Security. That alone isn't the reason for Alex Sink's defeat. Others will surely disagree. I will note that this the same Alex Sink that ducked the media the last week of her campaign. Any candidate who can't face the media during crunch time has no business running for Congress.

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