Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nan Rich Goes on the Offensive Against Crist

Democratic candidate for governor, Nan Rich, is fundraising off of Charlie Crist's professed love of Jeb Bush The Rich campaign sent sent out this email from Buddy MacKay.

Did you hear or read what Charlie Crist recently said about Jeb Bush? Itâs hard to believe â but, sadly, itâs true.

When a radio host asked Charlie Crist if Jeb Bush would be a good president Crist said âYeah, I think he probably would. He made a great governorâ¦â (Click here to read the story.)

I canât understand how Crist, or any real Democrat, could think that Bushâs policies -- policies that hurt our public schools, the environment, and especially the middle class â made him a âgreatâ governor.

Frankly, it was frustrating for me to watch Jeb Bush undo so much of the good that Lawton Chiles and I worked to achieve as the last Democratic Governors of Florida.

I want a real Democrat in Tallahassee because I believe that staying true to Democratic principles is the right path for Florida. That is why I'm standing with Nan Rich, and I hope you will too.

It is time for Rich to go on the attack against Crist. It is the only chance Rich has to win the primary. Rich has to make Crist undesirable to Democratic voters.

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