Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Astroturf Charlie Crist Protest

I love how members of the tea party keep needing to get pointers on how to protest from the GOP establishment. RROF South East Regional Director Diana Ramos sent this email out on what signs to use at a protest of a Charlie Crist book signing.

• Charlie Crist: Obama’s Favorite Democrat

• Charlie Crist: Obamacare’s Biggest Fan

• Charlie = Opportunist

• You Can’t Trust Charlie

• Failed Governor

• 3 Parties, 3 Years, Lousy Governor

• Charlie 2010 or Charlie 2014, Which One Do You Believe?”

I actually can't blame the Republican Party of Florida for telling the tea party what the signs should say. You can see tea party sign disasters here, here and here. I have to say this one is my favorite.

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