Monday, March 29, 2010

Rape is Not Funny

Darleen of Protein Wisdom takes pride in posting a comic of President Barack Obama raping the Statue of Liberty.

Oh I know I’m going to get called names on this. But I’m not going to play that game anymore. Like the sign at one of the TEA parties that said “it doesn’t matter what this sign says, you going to call it racist anyway.” When even the lawsuits now being brought by 30 plus state AG’s is considered racist, it is time to stop playing that game.

Darleen, that is because the Tea Party signs are racist. 1776 Tea Party leader Dale Robertson held this sign at a rally.

The readership at Protein Wisdom is infamously misogynist. A sample comment by serr8d.

The Barack Obama is a very rapey little dude I think. You know you love it he says.

More people will be able to buy private insurance. That is hardly a reason for rape jokes and death threats.

Amanda Marcotte has had a online dealing with Darleen. Marcotte explains that Darleen is a "textbook example of a female misogynist." If you think that sounds harsh, Darleen posted a rape comic for giggles. Darleen also called the feminist blogosphere "Vagina Warrior blogsphere." Darleen constantly bashes a movement that gave her the rights she has. That is pretty sick.

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At March 30, 2010 3:02 AM , Blogger he who scoffs at danger said...

i've gotta say, whenever the left reaches down for some real, smoking gun proof for the claim that the tea-partiers are racists, they always pull out that picture of dale whatsisname.

but, and there are two things here, what does dale's sign say? it's rather clear that he's not reducing black americans to "niggars" and setting himself apart from and above them in terms of rights and dignity. that would be the only context in which it could be interpreted as racist.

unless we're doing something stupid and superficial with it. like claiming that any use of the "n-word" is necessarily racist, by which we'd have to recognize what a racist john lennon was. if you want a more politically convenient example, consider how stupid it sounds when conservative cite sen. byrd's "white niggers" remarks as if they carried the same meaning as "i hate niggers."

i remember the image of dale whatsisname came up in the same general timeframe as harry reid's remarks to the effect of president obama "acting white" to get elected or something. for those, we had to parse carefully and dig out the internal meaning in order to comment seriously on them.

dale's slogan, is not in any sense the equivalent of "i hate niggers". it's the opposite. he's saying "i am a nigger." he's identifying his struggle with that of black americans under slavery and jim crow. if you can't acknowledge that, you're being dishonest. if you think that's an insulting trivialization of slavery and jim crow, i'd have to agree with you. i'd also have to point out that sen. harking compared private insurance to jim crow last month. the nation ran a column which compared the tea parties to reconstruction era klanners.

in any case, here's the second thing: that's one picture. if that's all it takes, then here (picture)... the antiwar movement was a racist mob motivated by racism.


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