Friday, January 17, 2014

Peter Schorsch Once Again Threatens Me With A Libel Suit

Letter to Michael Hussey

This is nothing more than a SLAPP suit. Schorsch should consider statements he made in the comment of this blog before going down this road. Schorsch admitted to having a "blood feud" with Jack Hebert and "hooking up" with Herbert's teenage daughter. I would hardly think that Herbert would want to give Schorsch a raise for those actions.

First and foremost, is my blood feud against political consultant Jack Hebert. I mean, I hooked up with his daughter, for goodness.

If I can see documentation of the ruling of Schorsch's grand theft charges I will be happy to make changes for journalistic accuracy. I certainly won't take Schorsch's word for it. However, I will most certainly not have Schorsch dictate what can or can't be written on this blog. Keep in mind that Adam Smith of The Tampa Bay Times has accused Schorsch of "unapologetically lies" and has written unflatteringly about Schorsch's grand theft history.

Still, for his very campaign event Crist turned to Scorsch who routinely and unapologetically lies publicly to the press, who owes nearly $68,000 in outstanding fines to the Florida Elections Commission, who six years pleaded no contest to grand thief and scheming to defraud charges. Really?

Schorsch will lose in court. End of story. Schorsch should know since former Hillsborough County commissioner Brian Blair attempted to sue Schorsch for libel. Schorsch repeatedly called Blair a douche. That certainly seems malicious to me.

Furthermore, I have posted corrections and posted Schorsch's objections to the post in question. I will post his statement again.

The $68,000 is a civil fine stemming from the Florida Election Commission, and is not in any way connected to the grand theft charge.

Also, you state that the grand theft charge was a "conviction"; in fact, adjudication was withheld, therefore no conviction exists.

To state that someone has been convicted of something when they were not and you have been informed that they were not is a libelous offense.

If I am so malicious why did I post Schorsch's complaints about my post. I been a lot fairer to Schorsch than he has on the people he has attacked on his blog and on campaigns he worked on. This is a man who admitted to paying homeless people to heckle political candidate Kathleen Ford and fired from Jamie Bennett's campaign for giving free Tampa Rays baseball tickets in hopes of a political contribution. If Peter Schorsch thinks he has problems with his reputation then he should look in the mirror.

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