Thursday, January 23, 2014

Alex Sink & David Jolly Debates

Alex Sink sent out an email announcing upcoming debates with Republican nominee David Jolly.

February 3rd: Bay News 9 / Tampa Bay Times Debate - 7:00p.m. at St. Petersburg College.

February 25th: Clearwater Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum - 6:00p.m. at the Pinellas Realtors Association.

February 28th: WEDU Debate - 3:30p.m. to air 8:30p.m. and again at 12:30p.m. on February 29th, location TBD.

I hope this provides the same level of excitement as Bill Nelson and Connie Mack debate cows. I am not making that up.

Mack blasted Nelson for having an agricultural property tax exemption on 55 acres of land of pasture land he owns in Brevard County, saying it saves Nelson $43,000 in property taxes a year, even though Nelson has advocated closing tax loopholes for the wealthy.

Nelson responded that his family has pastured cattle on the land for 60 years. The second time Mack brought it up, Nelson shot back, "Not only has it been a cow pasture for 60 years, why don't we ask him why he takes two homestead exemptions, which is directly contrary to the Florida Constitution?"

Don't mess with Bill Nelson's cows.

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