Wednesday, January 22, 2014

John McCain's Unwise Endorsement of David Jolly

Sen. John McCain has endorsed David Jolly for the late Bill Young's congressional seat. Jolly has worked in Washington as a lobbyist. I find McCain's endorsement of Jolly interesting. Especially since McCain once negatively called lobbyists "birds of prey."

“Whenever there’s a corrupt system, then you’re going to have these birds of prey descendon ittoget their share ofthe spoils,” McCain saidin a half-hour interview with Politico following a town-hall meeting in the southern part of this swing state.

According to McCain, Jolly and other lobbyists were feasting on a "corrupt system." That makes me wonder what exactly are the "strong convictions" that Jolly has that McCain is referring to in his endorsement. I certainly would like to know. I'm sure the residents of District 13 would like to know what are Jolly's convictions.

Perhaps Jolly's conviction is candor about his past as a lobbyist. Jolly claims he never lobbied for offshore drilling. Unfortunately for Jolly his lobbying disclosure form says otherwise.

Jolly lobbied for Free Enterprise Nation. Jolly even wrote a blog post on Free Enterprise Nation in support of H.R. 909. The legislation would expand offshore drilling.

Rising Gas Prices to Force Congressional Debate. Anytime gas prices rise dramatically, Congress begins anew to examine our nation’s energy policy. FEN members who have read Jim MacDougald’s book UNSUSTAINABLE will remember his call for a long-term energy plan that creates private sector jobs through the building or expansion of new refineries, including expanded drilling for natural gas. FEN will stay closely involved as Congress begins to debate this issue in the coming weeks, including advocating for legislation recently introduced by Rep. Devin Nunes (CA), the Roadmap for America’s Energy Future (H.R. 909). As stated in a letter of endorsement from Mr. MacDougald, “The Roadmap for America’s Energy Future promotes an energy policy that is both market-based and is technology neutral. It provides a thoughtful national energy policy that promotes the economic interest of the private sector by reasonably expanding permits and licenses for companies to engage in energy exploration and production, and by encouraging private sector development of new energy sources in an economically sensible way.”

Jolly lobbied for offshore drilling and then denies it. That must be the kind of straight talk John McCain appreciates.

It really isn't a good idea for John McCain to be endorsing a lobbyist.McCain came under fire for the former lobbyists on his presidential campaign. There were also questions about McCain's relationship with lobbyist Vicki Iseman. McCain is not the best person to be handing out endorsements to lobbyists.

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