Friday, November 22, 2013

I Get Email From Paul Phillips, Peter Schorsch's Attorney

I got this wonderful Valentine of an email from Paul Phillips, Peter Schorsch's attorney.

Based on an emaeil I received, I thought a few things should be made clear.

Pinson’s bar complaint against me was dismissed with no probable cause and remains, therefore, confidential within the bar system. Providing the contents to any person outside the system opens those individuals up to lawsuits. Because Mr. Pinson’s com"plaint was filled with untruths and lies, any publishing of such document would be actionable. I can ensure you I will use all avenues available to me should any unsubstantiated accusation of that complaint be used in any form.

Michael Pinson filed a complaint with the Florida Bar Association against Paul Phillips. Schorsch has told me that certain things relating to the complaint are false. Therefore I find it rather curious that I am being threatened with legal action for an article I did not publish. I emailed Schorsch to confirm certain matters I was investigating and I get this email. I seem to recall standing up for Schorsch's First Amendment rights when former Hillsborough County Commissioner Brian Blair threatened to sue Schorsch.

I have been trying to find out if the document I have seen is an actual Florida Bar Association deposition. A source told me it is. Peter Schorsch and Paul Phillips told me no deposition in regards to the Michael Pinson complaint took place. I haven't published the deposition because I haven't confirmed its authenticity. I gave Schorsch and Phillips a chance to respond. I got the wonderful email above.

Another matter I have been investigating is the WTSP story by Noah Pransky in regards to the Michael Pinson Foundation. Chris Kapper was quoted on-the-record saying Pinson was hosting hot tub parties with charity money. I asked Schorsch on-the-record if he knew Kapper. Schorsch didn't give me an on-the-record response. It is public knowledge that Phillips served on the Hillsborough County Republican Board with Kapper.

A longtime Charlie Crist advisor told Pransky in the WTSP story that Crist would not consider Pinson for the US Senate. I asked Schorsch on-the-record if he was that Crist advisor. No response.

I asked Noah Pransky about who was involved in the Pinson story. Pransky has to protect his sources. He would not comment.

I am no expert on Michael Pinson's charity work. It should also be noted that I don't know if Schorsch was an off-the-record source. I do know that Pransky is Facebook friends with Kapper and has interviewed Phillips on other stories. That in itself doesn't raise any flags. WTSP should look over the story on Pinson's charity to see that no mistakes were made.

A reason why the WTSP should be revisited is that Schorsch is being investigated by the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office leveled by Pinson. The Tampa Bay Times ran an article accusing Schorsch of promising local political officials (including Pinson) favorable blog posts in return for payment.


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