Sunday, August 04, 2013

Two Protesters Accuse Beyonce & Jay Z of Being Demons

I usually stay away from celebrity news but this was too good to pass up. Two Washington D.C. protesters accused Beyonce and Jay Z of being demons.

The Washington Afro-American newspaper spoke with Wade Montgomery and Rocky Twyman --founders of a group called Pray at the Pump, that asks for, and they say receives, divine intervention in the price of gasoline -- about their concerns.

Twyman told TheAfro that Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z are "virtually destroying our youth...If you go on the Internet, you’ll see stories about how they’re both part of the Illuminati and you can see Jay-Z’s use of the Satanic triangle symbol when he performs."

Part of me thinks these two protesters are punking people. This is too ridiculous to believe. These protesters make Pat Robertson sound reasonable.

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