Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Huffington Post's Horrible Reporting on Ginger Lee

Candace Raines (aka Ginger Lee) is the victim of a lazy piece of journalism by Huffingington Post pop culture blogger David Moye. The article gave the impression that Ginger Lee was going to appear in a Anthony Weiner porn parody movie produced by Mike Kulich. The charming Mr. Kulich's Twitter posts (NSFW) are filled with nude images and links relating to his Weiner porn movie. Kulich told Moye that Ginger Lee would be in his Weiner porn movie.

Sex scandals like Weiner’s make it easier for my business,” Kulich told The Huffington Post. “Everyone wants to think politicians are so clean, but they sext and watch porn just like normal people.” The DVD, scheduled for a Sept. 1 release, is in the early stages of production, but Kulich promises at least one scene will feature Ginger Lee, one of Weiner’s sexting partners. Kulich promises to donate 15 percent of sales to Weiner’s campaign.

One interesting problem. I asked Ginger Lee on Twitter if Moye interviewed her to find out if Kulich's claim was true.

My next question was if she had ever met Kulich. She has no memory of ever meeting Kulich

I tweeted Kulich. Unlike Moye, he did answer my questions. He claimed he met Ginger Lee in 2006.

According to Kulich, there will be an old Ginger Lee scenes. Raines has been out of the porn movie industry for five years.

Kulich even sent out a press release stating the there would be no new Ginger Lee scenes. There press release describes Ginger Lee as "a adult porn star."

The movie features seven scenes including Haley Sweet, Asa Akira, Brooklyn Lee, Lexi Love, Pressley Carter and appropriately, two older bonus scenes of the infamous Ginger Lee, the former adult star who gained notoriety in Weiner's first sex scandal, which forced him to resign from the United States Congress.

The problem was Moye's article made it appear that Candace Raines was coming back to the porn industry. Due to pressure I can't take credit for, The Huffington Post was forced to post a correction.

CLARIFICATION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly implied that Ginger Lee is filming a new scene for the DVD. The DVD is a compilation of existing scenes, except for one new scene.

I give credit for Kulich giving me a quick and honest response. It is interesting that I could get a straight answer from a porn producer but not a Huffington Post reporter. Moye never bothered to respond to me.

Raines/Lee will receive no profits from any old scenes that might appear in Kulich's movie. Porn performers to not profit sharing with producers or receive residuals from previous work. The porn industry does not have their version of the Screen Actors Guild union. Moye's sloppy reporting gave people the impression that Ginger Lee was returning to porn. Moye owes Candace Raines an apology.

David Moye responds to me via Twitter.

It is amazing how everyone wants to clear the record when you are writing a blog post. I do appreciate Kulich and Moye responding. Unfortunately, Raines was damaged by needless gossip.

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