Thursday, July 25, 2013

Best Campaign Mailer Photo Ever

Peter Schorsch made his own comments about St. Petersburg City Council candidate Darden Rice's campaign mailer. I will keep my comments more pro-feminist and PC. I think that is the best set of photos of a candidate in ages. Here is the rest of the flyer.

Rice's tea party opponent David McKalip had to respond to Schorsch posting the flyer on his blog.

My cards have MEAT. I will cut taxes, she will raise them. I signed the petition to stop the lens, she played politics and hid.

REAL Solutions from a candidate you can TRUST – -that is what my cards say.

"My cards have meat"? That is McKalip's attack line to use against Rice? That is hysterical. McKalip appears in a hospital coat at tea party rallies. McKalip should look at that flyer and realize voters are more likely to vote for the candidate that looks like a movie star. Although, I'm sure the Rice campaign trembles at McKalip handing out his meat cards to voters.

Update: Schorsch has his polling numbers. Short answer: Rice is handing McKalip his ass.

The truth is Rice is running away with the race, at least in the primary. According to a survey conducted by St. Pete Polls and commissioned by this blog, Rice has a wide lead over her next closest rival, Dr. McKalip. Among likely voters, Rice receives 32% support, McKalip is at 17%, Carolyn Fries is at 11% and Richard Eldridge is at 4%. Thirty-seven percent of respondents said they were undecided.

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