Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dubious Rubio's Cuban Immigration Blunder

Is Sen. Marco Rubio trying to lose his South Florida Cuban base by openly discussing taking fast-track immigration status for Cuban refugees.

"I don't criticize anyone who wants to go visit their mom or dad or their dying brother or sister in Cuba," he said. "But I am telling you it gets very difficult to justify someone's status as an exile and refugee when a year and a half after they get here they are flying back to that country over and over again."

This is where Rubio lacks empathy or knowledge on the issue. Many Cubans travel back to their native country to help their relatives. The travel restrictions on Cuba are tough as it is. It isn't like Cuban American citizens are jet-setting to Cuba every weekend.

I sense that Rubio is going to backtrack from this quote he gave to the Tampa Bay Times very quickly. The Miami Cuban community has supported Rubio's political ambitions for decades. Younger generations of Cuban-Americans are less hard-line. How Rubio thinks telling his Cuban-American base that they can't visit their relatives is suppose to serve his political ambitions is beyond me.

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