Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Obama Administration is Cracking

Attorney General Eric Holder snapped at members of House Judiciary Committee.

“I don’t, frankly, think I’ve always been treated with respect, and it’s not even a personal thing,” he said. “That’s one thing. But I am the Attorney General of the United States.

Did Holder actually think that Republicans were going to kill him with kindness?

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew fired acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller. George W. Bush appointee Douglas H. Shulman was IRS commissioner when the Cincinnati IRS office was targeting tea party groups. Miller was only serving as the temporary commissioner because the Senate hasn't confirmed a new IRS commissioner. Sen. Chuck Grassley said as much.

In comments to Government Executive following Shulman's announcement, a spokeswoman for Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, a longtime Finance Committee member, said, “it seems very unlikely to Sen. Grassley that the Senate would consider an IRS commissioner nominee before the next president is chosen -- the choice should be the next president’s, whether that’s President Obama or someone else.”

President Barack Obama gave a press conference today on the IRS saga. Obama showed up late to his own press conference and didn't take questions from the media. That is not a good sign.

This has been a horrible day for the Obama administration.

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